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“Take the hassle out of your skincare routine with this great value bundle! It should last you around six months and is the perfect routine if you suffer from dry skin. With a fabulous cleansing & day cream, night cream, eye cream and cleansing & beauty balm, your skin has everything it needs to become super hydrated and to restore your skin barrier so your skin looks and feel softer, smoother and younger. Plus your radiance levels will be OFF THE SCALE!. ”

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Product Description

To reduce the cost for you, this bundle of four products will not be in a gift box or bag. However each hand crafted product will be individually boxed in our signature ivory white boxes.

Dry Skin – The Good News!

The good news is that your skin, like a dried out sponge, has the amazing ability to absorb moisture and become hydrated. And since hydration is great for restoring your skin barrier, which is essential for younger looking skin, your skin has the inherent potential to stay younger looking.

Dry Skin…The Bad News

However the difficulty you have is not putting moisture into your skin but keeping it there! And despite you trying lots of water based creams and serums and using face masks and oils you are often left scratching your head and asking yourself…why is my skin still as dry as a bone? But don’t worry, we have your back!

A Complete Skincare Routine For Just £13.83 Per Month!

Because this complete skincare routine should last you six months, it works out at just £13.83 per month.

Spread The Payments With Klarna or PayPal 

We know that the cost of living crisis is making life difficult for most of you so to help you budget better and afford great looking skin, you can pay in 3 with Klarna or Paypal Pay Later.

You can spread the cost of your purchase with three monthly payments of £27.65.  We offer this on all of your purchases and can be applied for at checkout.

Let us Take The Hassle Out of Your Skincare Routine!

Let us  make your life that bit easier with this hassle free solution to give you younger looking skin! Plus less stress means better and younger looking skin, right!

Meet The Team!

Mother of Skin Natural Cold Cream Moisturising Cleanser (8.8 fl oz/250 ml)

Calendula is known as the ‘Mother of Skin, and was revered by our ancestors, and after using our cleansing cream you’ll know why.

Mix a small amount with some water and feel its deep cleansing action go to work as soon as it is applied to your face whilst at the same time hydrating your skin.

And because it contains shea butter and natural oils it won’t strip the existing oils from your skin.

Unfortunately cleansing with micellar water, water based creams that are low in natural oils and water based gels are too drying because although you may think they should be hydrating, they actually strip the natural oils from your skin which is what helps locks in the moisture and keep your skin from drying out.

Because hydration is the key to restoring your skin barrier, which is essential to beautiful, younger looking skin.

What’s also amazing about this product is that you can  use it as your day time moisturiser. It is supremely hydrating and nourishing and it is no wonder our ancestors revered calendula for its skin moisturising and healing properties. And because of the high level of natural oils it contains, it will lock in that valuable moisture your dry skin needs.

Find out more Here >>>

Awesome Argan Naturally Infused Rejuvenating Night Cream (4.2 fl oz/100 ml)

This heavy night cream is rich in shea butter and natural oils such as almond, rosehip and argan.

Argan Oil in particular, has been used for centuries in Africa because of its amazing skin healing properties.

And because this hydrating cream is rich in natural oils, it will soften and nourish your dry skin and help lock in valuable moisture. Because hydration is the key to restoring your skin barrier which is essential to beautiful, younger looking skin.

It will Increase collagen that you have lost due to sun exposure and ageing. Experience this wonder from Morocco.

Rosehip Oil will also increase collagen and rejuvenate your skin.

Find out more about our Awesome Argan Night Cream Here >>>

Eye Candy Natural Rejuvenating Eye Cream (0.88 fl oz/25 ml)

How about a sweet treat for your eyes? Containing scientifically proven natural ingredients such as Licorice and Marshmallow, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firm the skin around your eyes with this exceptional eye cream.

Lighten the dark circles under your eyes and reduce any puffiness or sagging skin.

Find out more Here >>>

Queen B Cleansing & Sleeping Beauty Balm (4.2 fl oz/100 ml)

Sleeping Beauty never had it this good! Apply this luxurious balm at bedtime and let Mother Nature’s deeply nourishing and healing botanicals work their alchemy overnight.

We promise that you will wake up in the morning but we can’t promise you a handsome Prince 🙂 Our products aren’t that magickal!

Find out more  Here >>>

Queen B Used as Sleeping Beauty Balm

Applied before bedtime, and left on overnight, our balm will rejuvenate your skin and restore its natural radiance. Think of a shimmering lake basked in golden sunlight.

Packed full of bee-licious (we know!) ingredients, this face mask will transform you, leaving you with smoother, more hydrated and radiant skin.

It will also soften and nourish your skin while at the same time locking in valuable moisture to restore your skin barrier. which is key to younger looking skin.

It can also regulate sebum for those of you with oily skin and an oily T zone. Dissolving hardened sebum, unblocking pores and helping to kill the bacteria causing breakouts and acne.  It will leave you with clearer, brighter looking skin.

And if you want to really give your skin a beauty boost, try slugging! Apply this over your night cream and it will lock in more moisture than you could ever imagine because hydration is the key to restoring your skin’s barrier, which is essential to beautiful, younger looking skin.

But it’s more than just a one trick pony!

Find out more  Here >>>

Queen B Used as Cleansing Balm

Used as a face mask and left on for an hour or two before removing it, it makes an amazing cleansing balm. Because it contains natural oils and honey it will detox your skin and pull out dirt and toxins.

The honey and oils in our balm will absorb excess oil and impurities and since it is a wonderful humectant, honey will attract water from the surrounding air and hydrate your skin. The oils and beeswax in our formula will then lock in this moisture. Because hydration is key to restoring your skin barrier which protects your skin and keeps you younger looking.

It can regulate your sebum levels leaving you with less oily skin, it can dissolve hardened sebum clogging your pores and can kill the bacteria P. acne that causes breakouts, giving you clearer skin.

Acne and occasional breakouts are essentially the same thing, the only difference being that acne is classified as a medical condition since it is chronic (prolonged). Therefore acne is just a fancy name for a prolonged breakout.

Find out more  Here >>>

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