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Believe in the Magick!

Believe in the Magick of Nature!

Discover why the ancients believed that natural botanicals were the secret to true beauty and how they slowed the ageing process.

Forget Miracles, Believe in Magick!

What about that ‘new miracle cream being advertised’ or that ‘cream with a new wonder ingredient you’ve never heard of’? Marketing BS? We’ll let you decide.

Miracles are…well…a bit far fetched in our books but magic on the other hand… that’s a different tale…


Using ancient remedies, our products have already helped and transformed so many of you we have lost count(we ran out of fingers and toes in the office to count them on a long time ago!) and although they are gentle and work in harmony with your skin, they contain real power, and the results appear magickal.

These magickal results occur because we use natural botanicals specifically created by Mother Nature herself to transform and heal.

When her wisdom is combined with the wisdom passed down by the ancients, and our extensive knowledge of the science behind how these botanicals work and how your skin responds to them, magick can and does occur.

Even the Boffins Agree!

Even the boffins in their white coats and clutching their research papers agree! You may think, well it’s not really magic, it’s just science.

Well what if science is how the magic is measured and made logical in our rational, modern world? Food for thought? There are countless scientific papers published online regarding the effectiveness of these remedies (great bedtime reading!)

Mama Nature already knows that real magick exists (she has told us!) and an awakening is already happening – even in the scientific world!

Just Ask Our Customers!

Our customers are testament to our rather bold statement and the transformations speak for themselves! They have even been called ‘magical’ and ‘a godsend’ by the people they have transformed.

The ability they have to heal and transform is sometimes even hard for us to  believe.

Then again, nature in all of its majestic beauty and mystery is also sometimes hard to believe, isn’t it?

Mama Nature Knows all About the Magick!

But Mama Nature doesn’t find it hard to believe – she knows all about the magick that abounds in the world all around us and the power it has to heal, transform and change lives for the better.

She knows all about Mother Nature and her wise and wily ways – scattering her herbs and flowers and plants and fruits all across our amazing earth for the ancients to discover and to somehow learn from them.

Turning them into poultices and skin salves and healing tinctures and all sorts of weird and wonderful healing remedies.

And Mama Nature also knows that the magick isn’t just contained in these botanicals that were sent to heal you, but in how they are used and manipulated and crafted together with the skill they deserve!

Science Became the New Magick!

The magick has always been around us, it’s just that it has been forgotten as the centuries have passed and science and technology have become the new magick.

There is nothing quite like the electric light bulb and modern medicine to vanquish our fears of the dark, and cause our superstitious beliefs to melt away along with our reliance on the herbal medicine that once healed us and was the wisdom of our ancestors. 

We have become ‘civilised’ and it’s almost like ‘but how on earth could that possibly work – it’s far too simple and it grows from the ground!’

But This Has Come at a Cost!

But…and this is a big but… this has all come at a cost. Not only is our planet out of synch with nature, but so are we. And to top it all off, unfortunately these wonders of technology and modern medicine are failing many of us – making us sick and failing to heal us!

It’s Not all Doom and Gloom! 

By reconnecting with ourselves and the natural world and by using natural remedies and alternative treatments that focus on a holistic approach to our health and wellbeing instead of a ‘quick fix’. And finding pleasure in the simple things in life, we can reclaim our human nature and ancestry and live a more fulfilling life in alignment with our true nature.

She Just Loves Her Poems!

In the meantime Mama Nature has created a little poem that she thinks you will like. Now don’t laugh! You know how much she loves her poems 🙂

The Magick of Nature

“Billions of snowflakes and no two the same.

Squirrels treat life like it’s only a game.

Leaves dance in the wind as if they’re alive.

The Queen Bee’s the Mother of every bee in the hive.

A baby is stronger than an ox pound for pound.

Believe it or not even silence has a sound.

Acacia trees can warn each other of danger.

We’re all connected to source – there’s no such thing as a stranger.

They say that Mountains are climbed one step at a time.

But the truth is change your perspective and there is no Mountain to climb.” 


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