Less is Definitely More

Less is Definitely More When It Comes To Great Skincare!

Our products have already helped countless numbers of you and although they are gentle and work in harmony with your skin, they contain extreme power, and the results appear magickal.

Magickal Results

These magickal results occur because we use natural botanicals specifically created by Mother Nature herself to transform and heal. When her wisdom is combined with the wisdom of the ancients and our extensive knowledge of the science behind how these botanicals work and how your skin responds to them, magick can and does occur.

Too Many Similar Ingredients

Skincare products are often overwhelmed with too many similar ingredients all competing with one another to do exactly the same job. Crazy, right!

Here at Mama Nature we refuse to go down that rocky road. At the end of the day it is style over substance! We prefer keeping it simple, but that doesn’t make our products less effective. In fact it makes them even more effective and this simplicity is what makes them special.

Our Ancestors Knew!

Our ancestors knew that simplicity was key, and we have also followed in their footsteps by using their ancient remedies in our recipes… ancient remedies used by Witches and herbal healers alike!

Remedies that took them hundreds and maybe even thousands of years to gain the necessary level of knowledge and wisdom required to use them effectively.

Passed Down From Mother to Daughter!

This knowledge and wisdom was attained through trial and error (and also through their inherent gifts of wisdom and intuition, often passed down from Mother to daughter). 

The key to great skincare is to use high quality natural ingredients that work in harmony with your skin in just the right amounts and in the correct formulas (or should we say lotions and potions?). 

The best food recipes follow similar principles.  Every top chef knows that!

Magickal lotions & potions