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Our Philosophy

Magickal Skincare?

Our products are hand crafted in the UK and have already helped and transformed a staggering amount of people (we ran out of fingers and toes in the office to count them on a long time ago!)  and although they are gentle and work in harmony with your skin, they contain real power, and the results appear magickal.

These magickal results occur because we use natural botanicals specifically created by Mother Nature herself to transform and heal. When her wisdom is combined with the wisdom passed down by the ancients, and our extensive knowledge of the science behind how these botanicals work and how your skin responds to them, magick can and does occur.

Even the Boffins Agree!

Our products are created using ancient remedies that have magickal properties and have been used throughout the world for hundreds and thousands of years.

Even the boffins with their white coats, scientific knowledge and research papers agree! There are countless scientific papers published online regarding the effectiveness of these remedies (great bedtime reading!)

Just Ask Our Customers!

Our customers are testament to our rather bold statement and the transformations speak for themselves! Our products have even been called ‘magical’ and ‘a godsend’ by the people they have helped. 

The ability they have to heal and transform is sometimes hard for even us to  believe.

Magickal lotions & potions