Food For Your Skin

Your Skin Need Fed! 

This is one of the simple facts of skincare that has been forgotten (or intentionally ignored?). So that some companies can bamboozle (we like that word!) you with science so that they can claim that their product is the new, must-have in skincare while at the same time ignoring the basic facts of nature and science. 

The truth hurts but sometimes it just has to be said! 

Feed Me!

Our products feed your skin providing it with the nutrients it needs to cope with all of the physical and environmental stresses placed on it and to revitalise and rejuvenate it leading to the transformation you desire.

Picture Cucumber Slices!

When you think of our products, picture oatmeal or yogurt face masks, cucumber slices placed on your eyes – that type of wholesome, natural skincare our ancestors used and we still use today.

What do these effective skincare treatments all have in common?  They are also simple, yet nutritious foods.

In fact, our skincare recipes are also good enough to eat – but we wouldn’t recommend it! 


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