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How Do I Become a Witch?

How Do I Become a Witch?

It’s Easier Than You Think!

Being a witch is easier than you might think. All you have to do is to tap into the Witch already lurking within you, desperate to be set free. As a Witch, you are at liberty to use your womanly powers any way you like as long as it’s for what you believe to be the greater good. 

You don’t have to be stirring a cauldron or casting spells to be a Witch! Read on to find out more….

Embrace Your Shadow!

Being a witch you are confronted with the light and dark of the human and feminine nature. This can help you realise and ultimately accept that there are many aspects to being a woman – we are not all sugar and spice and all things nice (thank God!).

Accept the inherent darkness in you and you are no longer held in a psychological prison of shame. Some call this the dark feminine and others our shadow self.

Start Connecting With Your Authentic Self!

As soon as you start connecting with your inner Witch and believing in her, you will be amazed at the transformation that will occur and the positive differences you will make to your life and those around you.

Trust Yourself!

A Witch is an empowered person, someone who can see the nuances of the world and work with them, and who is not afraid to fight for what she/he wants or believes in. You don’t have to be far into the world of esoterica to call yourself a Witch in this day and age, you just have to trust yourself and see beyond the surface mechanics around you.

When You Feel Disconnected

Whenever you have disconnected from her and you feel nervous or are lacking the confidence to be yourself, a great way to unleash your inner Witch is to visualise how she looks (she can look however you want to her to look – don’t be shy she could even be naked!).

Imagine her quite literally climbing out from inside you and your old self falling away like a dress being unzipped and falling to the floor or a snake shedding its skin. 

It sounds too simple to work? Give it a try and you’ll be amazed!

What Does a Witch Wear?

There’s no dress code when it comes to modern Witch hood. Dress however the hell you want to! Casual, funky, sexy. The choice is yours.

Dress to empower yourself if that gives you more confidence. It’s not so much about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it and your mind set of course.

It’s all about becoming comfortable in your own skin and if you need to feel a sense of empowerment through what you wear then that is a step in the right direction.

Become a WWA!

It won’t be long to you become a WWA (Witch With Attitude!). Once you unleash your inner witch you’ll be confident in who you are regardless of how you look. That’s not to say you won’t turn on the style when you want, it will just be the cherry on top of your already wonderful cake.

Everyone is beautiful in some way or another and your beauty will shine through when you are comfortable in your own skin, being who you truly are, being your authentic self. The Japanese have a beautiful expression – the beauty is in the flawed, the perfection in the imperfection.

But What if I don’t Feel Like I’m a Witch?

You don’t actually need to be stirring a cauldron to be in touch with your inner Witch. Look, you may not feel like a Witch all of the time. You may not even feel like a Witch some of the time, but deep down, whether you acknowledge it or not, that Witch is lurking deep within you and she’s desperate to be set free! So don’t fight it, go with her flow!

What Does it Ultimately Mean to be a Witch?

Being a witch means being aware of how f*****g powerful you are. Being aware that you create yourself and the world you live in, and you direct the forces of your life (with a little help from the Universe of-course) – for better or for worse.

Being connected to that inner source of creativity, magick and intuition that flows naturally within all of us, but which to most is inaccessible because it’s buried so deep in the subconscious that it can’t be seen, felt or understood by the conscious mind.

Make the Subconscious Conscious

Make the subconscious conscious by doing the visualisation technique mentioned earlier and open up a whole new, wonderful, exciting world for yourself full of freedom and opportunities. That’s what we all want at the end of the day, isn’t it?

Understand What You Can and Can’t Control

Always be aware of the things you can and can’t control and once you have mastered this level of understanding  you will gain true happiness, peace and contentment.

The Universe Has Your Back!

You will know that the Universe always has your back, even, if at first, it doesn’t look or feel like it. You will learn from your defeats (that is what they are meant for), and you will appreciate that every cloud has a silver lining. And you will learn that;

Life gives you what you need not what you want!


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