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Embrace Your Inner Witch

Unleash Your Inner Witch – Embrace Your Feminine Power!

What is a Witch?

The word ‘Witch’ is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘wicce’ meaning ‘wise one’. We believe (or should we say Mama Nature has told us!) that everyone has a Witch inside desperate to be set free!

Contrary to what you might believe, you don’t have to wear a pointy hat and cast spells to be a Witch. Of course, you can dive deeper and deeper into the well of esoteric knowledge if you desire but that isn’t essentially what being a Witch is about.

Being a Witch is about being in touch with your feminine intuition. Finding peace inside of yourself to amplify it so it isn’t drowned out in today’s fast paced, technological world!

Being a Witch is about being in tune with the natural world around you, even if that means just taking care of a couple of house plants in your flat or going for a run and feeling the wind rush past your face!

Being a Witch is staring up at the moon and feeling a connection to it – that somehow it must be a part of you!

In the present day, being a Witch can mean a hell of a lot lot of different things. Where will you be on the Witch’s scale?

Did You Know Your Mother & Grandmother Were Witches?

“Don’t get a draft on your neck! Use this soap and sugar poultice on your poisonous finger! Don’t stand bare foot on that cold floor or you’ll get a chill!”

How often were these caring and worrisome words drummed into you as a child by your Mother or Grandmother and you just rolled your eyes and sighed?

They were Witches and probably didn’t even know it!

But their old wives tales contained real womanly wisdom (like a chapter from a Witch’s audio handbook!) and this wisdom still needs to be passed down through the generations and not lost in our modern world of social media and mobile phones.

In fact, let’s use this new technological magick to spread the word about the old forgotten magick of womanly wisdom and regain our feminine power! 

Let’s create deep, meaningful, lasting connections and support each other in our exciting journey to find  our authentic selves, and rekindle our Sisterhood so its flame burns brightly once more!

The Forest Floor Was Their Pharmacy!

In ancient times, women were more often than not the village healers and used plants and flowers as natural remedies

They couldn’t just pop into their local pharmacy to get a cold remedy or lozenge for their child’s sore throat. They foraged the forest floor for plants and flowers to make their own soothing tea and remedy!

However due to persecution culminating in the Witch trials, combined with our march into the modern era, much of women’s connection to their divine feminine energy and innate wisdom has been lost.

It’s Not Called a Woman’s Intuition For Nothing!

Even though we are becoming less and less connected to the natural world and more connected to technology, it is no coincidence that women still carry a fascination for the hidden realm – faeries, unicorns, psychic readings, mediums, tarot, palm readings – the list goes on.

It is only nature calling! 

Being a Witch is a Walk in the Park!

Again, you don’t have to even believe in or be interested in the esoteric world to re-connect with your inner Witch.

A walk in the local park, smelling the flowers as you go, or sipping a glass of wine as you appreciate a breath taking sunset is all it takes to put you back on the yellow brick road to unleashing your inner Witch and embracing your feminine power!

Ready For a New Chapter in Your Life?

Are you up for an exciting new adventure? If you are then read on….

Be You!

We are all beautiful in our own unique way. The Japanese have a beautiful expression – the beauty is in the flawed, the perfection in the imperfection.

Mama Nature says, “Embrace yourself warts and all!”

Once you have unleashed your inner Witch you’ll be confident in who you are regardless of how you look. Confidence will burn deep within you. That’s not to say you won’t turn on the style and go all out sassy, sexy or whatever look you want, when you feel the urge, it’s just that when you do, it won’t define you. It will just be the icing on your already wonderful cake.

Mama Nature says, “Become your authentic self and be comfortable in your own skin.”

And the great news is – men can be Witches too! They can get in touch with their feminine energy and embrace the feminine power that resides there. Men are increasingly identifying as Witches nowadays and many men were among the accused during the infamous witch trials that took place throughout Europe in the 1600’s.

Mama Nature says, “What’s good for the goose is most definitely good for the gander!”

Would you like to find out even more? Then read on…

Eve How Could You?

We have a deep respect for all of the positive attributes that world religion has brought us, but let’s be honest, religion started demonising women thousands of years ago (and some countries and cultures still do!). A prime example being Eve in the Garden of Eden when she yielded to temptation and then tempted Adam to join her in becoming a sinner in eating the forbidden fruit.

They Had to Ditch the Fig Leaves!

So because of her, they had to ditch the fig leaves and leave their paradise and work for a living. Bad Eve!

Is it any wonder that after generations  of persecution that culminated during the Witch trials. Feelings of guilt, inadequacy and sexual repression have become almost genetically imprinted in women, and they still fear being seen as sinners just like Eve and being judged? 

Then Came the Witch Trials

All of this demonising continued until it peaked during the Witch trials. Between the years 1500 and 1660, up to 80,000 suspected Witches were put to death in Europe. Around 80 percent of them were women thought to be in cahoots with the Devil and filled with lust. Germany had the highest witchcraft execution rate, while Ireland had the lowest.

Oh So Wicked!

Historically Witches were vilified by Western societies for wicked behaviour, strapped to ducking stools and burnt at the stake, and were associated with a dangerous, renegade sexuality, and were often made the focal point for society’s deep-seated anxieties about the role of women.

Some Women Were Especially Targeted.

Single women, widows, women on the fringes of society – these were easy scapegoats. In the olden days many unmarried women who were seen as being rebellious and “not conforming” where branded as Witches just because they couldn’t be controlled by the religious factions at the time.

There were also the women who were the herbalists and healers of the village who were very much in tune with nature and the elements and were genuinely doing good by helping others. But because they worshipped Goddesses and the Pagan Gods they struck fear into the heart of the church.

Some Women Were Indeed Witches

Many of them were indeed Witches (some of these women were also unmarried etc. though not all of them). Sadly, these good, independent thinking women were burned at the stake, hanged etc. just for being different and being rebellious and not conforming to the societal norms of the time. Societal norms that were set down by the religious powers that be.

We Were Told to be Ashamed of Our Impulses!

Although there are many benefits of religious doctrine such as bringing comfort and a sense of community to many people, and in some ways it has furthered societal stability through promoting the family unit, unfortunately it has been abused throughout the ages by the unscrupulous to gain power over the masses through the use of fear and guilt. By telling women and men to be ashamed of their impulses that they were imbued with at birth and that make them human.

It is time for use to embrace our human nature, not deny it!

Witches Accept Their Human Nature

Being a Witch means accepting and embracing your human nature not running away from it. Being guided by your own moral compass and doing what YOU think and feel is right for you, not what someone else tells you is right for you. As long as you’re not hurting anyone where is the harm right?

This is all about liberation bitches!

Times Are Changing

Thankfully times are changing due to an awakening and a lot of that also has to do with the help and change of attitude of many men out there who are also undergoing their own awakening. And like feminine energy, we should always be thankful for the positive traits of masculine energy, and its contribution to the world.

But hold on a minute…we still have some work to do sisters and brothers. Let’s crank this change up a notch or two or three or four…you get the gist!

Unleash Your Inner Witch! Embrace Your Birth Right!

Every woman has an inner witch that has been subdued and hidden away due to having to conform to society’s perception of what a woman should be like and now is the time for us to take back our birth right and for this to change!

What is a Witch?

A Witch is an empowered person, someone who can see the nuances of the world and work with them, and who is not afraid to fight for what she wants or believes in. You don’t have to be far into the world of esoterica to call yourself a Witch in this day and age, you just have to trust yourself and see what’s hidden beneath the surface all around you.

How Do I Become a Witch?

You don’t actually need to be stirring a cauldron to be in touch with your inner witch. Spend a lot of time trying to amplify your inner voice.

Often, feelings that are hard to shake but which you sit on or ignore exist for a reason. Witches always pay attention to their gut feelings and rely on their intuition… their woman’s intuition. Focus on this – your gut feeling is there for a reason.

Can Men Be Witches Too?

Of course they can! They just need to tune in to their feminine side or as Carl Jung termed it their ‘anima’.

So the burning question (pardon the pun) you may now have is – how do I become a Witch?

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