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The Drugs Don’t Work

Big Pharma Wants You to Stay Sick!

This may sound like a conspiracy theory but it is the truth! We have a medical profession who is more interested in you popping pills than taking a holistic approach to your health (due to a combination of narrow mindedness and a lack of knowledge – both due to their education).

Of course the pharmaceutical companies are just falling over themselves to fulfil this need and are too focused on making money rather than focusing on peoples health and wellbeing.

The more sick people there are, the more money they make! Isn’t it sad and ironic that their drugs often cause undesirable side effects that require more of their drugs?

What Do We Believe?

We believe (and much of this has already been proven through scientific studies and anecdotal evidence) that Mother Nature has a remedy for every ailment, disease, skin condition etc. there is. You name it. There is a remedy for it. We just need to find these remedies.

If the drug companies would only focus more time and resources into researching botanicals and natural occurring minerals the world would be a much happier and healthier place to live.

Why Doesn’t Big Pharma Invest in Natural Remedies Then?

Money! They can’t slap a patent on natural remedies! Also, if the true healing power of plants wasn’t  being kept such a big secret, you and I wouldn’t need to spend money on their products.

Like people had to do in the ancient world, we could just walk through the forest and probably gather all of the healing remedies we needed.

Did You Know That Nature Created Aspirin?

The active agent salicin which is found occurring naturally within white willow bark is the whole basis for aspirins creation and has been used by natural healers for centuries as a pain reliever.

Why Create The Drug Then?

Why was there a need by the drug companies to create a drug in the first place that has side effects and sometimes can be fatal? To make money of course. Deep down that is their driving force.

Why not just focus on the use of the natural remedy instead and use their massive clout to market this to the general public? They would still be making their other drugs and still make plenty of money from the sale of white willow bark (although maybe not as much!) and be more caring as they went about their business.

White Willow Bark Was Used by Witches! 

White willow bark contains salicin in low, safe levels and also has a myriad of other healing compounds that work together synergistically and in natural harmony with your body to promote not just pain relief but overall healing and well-being.

It still used today by Witches and herbal healers, Sadly. much of this centuries old wisdom has been lost due to the industrial revolution and us becoming more ‘civilised’. So if you need pain relief we say have a nice relaxing cup of white willow bark tea instead with honey and let the pain simply melt away.

Do You Know That 40 % of Drugs in the Western World Originate From Plants?

Amazing isn’t it? Yet how many people are aware of this? Why the big secret? We’re not standing on our soap box preaching to the drug companies as they have done some good by creating life-saving and life enhancing drugs.

People may have medical and health conditions where the natural cure either hasn’t been found yet and/or it is so obscure that only a small amount of people are aware of it.



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