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S.O.S – Save Our Skin


“We are so motivated to change this world for the better! Please, join us!”

When you smell our products you immediately notice the difference. They smell like fresh, fragrant flowers or pieces of succulent fruit. You intuitively know they are full of goodness and will be beneficial for your skin and you.

Take a deep breath when you read this: there are over 10,000 industrial chemicals in common skin care products. The average American adult is exposed to 168 hazardous chemicals each day. Unfortunately there are no statistics for the UK but we reckon it will be similar. And everything applied to the skin, be it lip stick or deodorant, sun block or general skin care products are absorbed by the body, just like they’d been eaten.

The natural skin care movement gets stronger by the day folks. Increasingly people are waking up to the fact that synthetic chemicals in skin care products are harmful to their health and that natural is best. Thankfully the large, mass produced brands are cottoning on to this and are making some improvements by adding natural ingredients to their products but they still have a long way to go before their products can be considered natural.

Their products still contain far too may synthetic ingredients.

Our products are freshly hand made to order. We use only the finest quality natural and organic ingredients so that our products work in harmony with your skin not against it.

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