Caring for Various Foot Conditions with Natural Products


Caring for Various Foot Conditions with Natural Products

Kindly contributed by Alicia Rennoll

The average person walks approximately 110,000 miles during the course of his or her lifetime. With so much demand placed on this part of the body, it makes sense to do everything in your power to keep them in top shape. However, from time to time, various skin conditions can affect your feet. From odour to rashes, there are a variety of issues that people commonly experience. Thankfully, using eco-friendly artisan skin care for these skin concerns is just as effective as using conventional products. Learn more about three foot related skin conditions, and how to naturally care for each one.

Athlete’s foot

Since the feet have the ability to produce half of a pint of sweat each day (as reported by, it comes as no surprise that fungal conditions are common. Athlete’s foot is one such condition. Symptoms of athlete’s foot include itchy white patches in between the toes, and skin on the feet that bleeds, cracks, is flaky, and sore. While there are several kinds of treatments that you can get from a pharmacy, there are alternative ways to treat the condition. In addition to utilising proper steps for cleaning your feet, you can also care for mild and moderate cases with ProSkin Athlete for Women and ProSkin Athlete for Men. Having these body care products delivered to your home when needed can help you heal even quicker. Rather than going to the store for products, you can avoid putting on shoes (which may further aggravate the condition). You can also avoid spreading your athlete’s foot to others, and to other parts of your body, when you take time to treat the condition at home.

Psoriasis on the feet

Psoriasis is a common condition that can affect all parts of the body. It occurs when skin cells build up far too quickly. This excess production of skin cells results in the appearance of white scales and red patches. While the condition is uncomfortable on any part of the body, the itchiness can become particularly bothersome when it occurs on the feet. For individuals who experience mild to moderate psoriasis, ProSkin Psoriasis Natural Skin Cream is a natural and effective treatment. It soothes the skin without the use of steroids, increases skin elasticity, and decreases the appearance of scales and redness. For more severe cases of the condition, Morocco Gold Natural Skin Care or Salveation is the way to go.

Eczema and dermatitis

Both eczema and dermatitis are skin conditions that cause redness and itching of the skin. Eczema is primarily caused by environmental triggers, as well as genetics, whereas dermatitis can develop due to contact with various substances. If you are experiencing either condition on your feet, ProSkin Eczema Natural Skin Cream and for more severe cases, Salveation, are recommended. Both of these products relieve itchiness, dryness, and redness, and they also clear up visible signs of these skin conditions.

When looking to heal the skin on your feet from various conditions, harsh conventional treatments are rarely necessary. Instead of using chemicals to treat skin concerns (like the ones listed above), first try an all-natural, eco-friendly solution.

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