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Using Ancient Remedies

Natural Skincare Formulated Using Ancient Remedies to Transform Your Skin

Our products are handcrafted in the UK and formulated using ancient remedies that have been used successfully in herbal folk medicine and by our ancestors for hundreds and even thousands of years!

We use healing remedies from all over the world –  from as far away as New Zealand, Africa and South America, to our own English countryside and forests. They have been used by the indigenous people in their folk medicine for centuries because they work! We have simply taken that ancient wisdom and created a special magick of our own! Just like the Village healers and Witches of old! 

Even the Boffins Agree!

Even the boffins in their white coats and clutching their research papers agree! You may think, well it’s not really magic, it’s just science.

Well what if science is how the magic is measured and made logical in our rational, modern world? Food for thought? There are countless scientific papers published online regarding the effectiveness of these remedies (great bedtime reading!)

Mama Nature already knows that real magick exists (she has told us!) and an awakening is already happening – even in the scientific world!


We have already helped and transformed so many of you we have lost count (we ran out of fingers and toes in the office to count them on a long time ago!)  and although our products are gentle and work in harmony with your skin, they contain real power, and the results appear magickal.

We use carefully selected, natural botanicals specifically created by Mother Nature herself to transform and heal your skin.

When her wisdom is combined with the wisdom of the ancients passed down through generations, and our extensive knowledge of the science behind how these botanicals work and how your skin responds to them, magick can and does occur.

Just Ask Our Customers!

Our customers are testament to our rather bold statement and the transformations speak for themselves! Our products have even been called ‘magical’ and ‘a godsend’ by the people they have transformed! 

The ability they have to heal and transform is sometimes even hard for us to  believe (but not hard for Mama Nature to believe!).

First Used in Prehistoric Times

The earliest written records of herbal medicine being used is around 5,000 years ago (when we first learned to read and write!) but this is only a drop in the ocean of time!

Anthropologists say people used herbal medicine in prehistoric times. 

So, when our ancestor all across the earth were gathered around the warmth and comfort of a crackling fire, in the safety of their caves, they were sometimes probably treating wounds with the same plant and flower remedies gathered from a nearby forest that we use in our products today!  

When in Rome!

In more recent times, introduced to Britain by the Romans, lavender was first used by ancient Britons around 2,000 years ago to dress wounds. Its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties made it the perfect healing medicine… plus…it doesn’t smell too bad either!

Before the Romans invaded, our ancestors in Britain were using marigold (calendula) and chamomile amongst a myriad of other botanicals to heal infections, treat skin conditions and relieve fevers and digestive complaints.

And as far back as 50,ooo years ago, on the other side of the world, indigenous Australians used manuka honey to heal wounds and infections. Saving lives in the process!

If it Was Good Enough For Cleopatra!

Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra used aloe vera (known as the ‘plant of immortality’) more than 2,000 years ago as part of their regular beauty regimes to maintain and enhance their natural beauty, and reduce and fend off signs of ageing.

Legend has it that Queen Nefertiti is the most beautiful woman who has ever lived and Cleopatra was ‘striking’ and ‘a woman of surpassing beauty’.

What did they also have in common apart from being extremely powerful and beautiful? They knew that taking take care of themselves was the key to a happier, more abundant life!

Herbal Medicine Was a Rite of Passage to Womanhood & Sisterhood!

Our society was once steeped (pardon the pun!) in herbal medicine tradition. It was more often than not the women, with their daughters and nieces in tow, who wandered through the forest, gathering herbs and flowers with expert knowledge and wisdom – all the while the young girls watching and learning so they themselves could pass this wisdom down to their own daughters and nieces.

In essence these regular forays into the woods in search of healing plants and flowers was one of their rites of passage into womanhood and sisterhood. 

They then brought their herbal goodies back home and concocted their lotions and potions so they could be used by their family and the villagers. Many of these concoctions even contained weeds! Which are incredibly healing. 

Keeping The Art Alive!

Our lotions and potions are not only transforming you (healing you emotionally and physically), but they are also a nod of appreciation to those women and girls who have gone before us, some who were even persecuted and died for their actions and beliefs.

They are a nod to to those women to say, that although the religious factions tried to silence you, you and your ancient wisdom have not been forgotten, they will never be forgotten, and we will carry your torch and keep your healing art alive!

We need to embrace this wisdom and our feminine power to get everyone on the planet back to living in harmony with Mother Nature and once more become connected to her healing energies.

Through nature, we can all heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and strive towards living in a world where peace, equality and love for all of our fellow humans reigns supreme!

Magickal lotions & potions