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Virgo (August 23 – September 22), You are a

Hermit Witch

You can create extremely potent magick as long as you can remain focused.

You like to reinvent yourself from time to time. You like new beginnings.

Sometimes you tend to be shy and speak only a few words.

You like indoor plants and small trees.

You tend to be a perfectionist and this makes you struggle with anxiety and depression.

Please remember we are all fabulously unique and these are just broad traits that may not apply to everyone.

The Fun bit.

Beautifully arranged altars, forest witchcraft, “Rose quartz is probably the answer”, browsing Etsy for tarot card carrying bags, handmade sage bundles, jar spells, keeping witch materials in a thrift store suitcase under your bed.

Possible Familiars; Great Danes, Scottish Fold Cat, Bee

Magickal lotions & potions