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Taurus (April 20 – May 20), You are a

Elf Witch

You are very well attuned with the power of Earth and Nature

You like being in your garden of fruits, herbs, flowers, and vegetables.

You are a very good communicator, which your family and friends love about you.

You are determined and you persevere, especially when you want something.


Please remember we are all fabulously unique and these are just broad traits that may not apply to everyone.

The Fun bit.

Plants in the windowsill, a purse full of spell sachets, browsing the animal shelter thinking, “Is this cat my familiar?”, love spells, boxes upon boxes of tea on top of the refrigerator, wire-wrapped crystals, a home that smells like cranberries and acorn squash.

Possible Familiars; English Bulldog, British Shorthair Cat, Bear

Magickal lotions & potions