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Join Us Today and Lets Make a Difference

Join Us Today And Let’s Make A Difference

Together we can take care of our planet and each other. We are passionate about people and our planet (and everything on it) and hope that you join us so that together we can make a difference.

Supporting Charities

We support a host of charities such as GOSH, NSPCC, Barnardo’s etc. and a significant proportion of the money spent on our products goes to these great causes.

Looking After Our Natural Environment

We care passionately about our natural environment and the effects our products have on it.

We hope that with your help and our combined respect for Mother Nature we can contribute positively to our ecosystem.

The welfare of our planet is in our hands.


None of our products are tested on animals and neither are any of the ingredients that we use in our products.

We love all animals and are firmly against animal testing and believe that animals deserve the same level of respect as human beings.

Our entire skin care range has been tested on willing human beings, so they are completely safe for you to use.


We use recycled cardboard and paper in our cartons and inserts.

We send orders in recycled protective packaging.

We also use as little packaging as possible.

Every part of our packaging is intended to be recycled and we trust our customers will do so.


We use plastic and not glass containers for the following reasons:

  • Glass takes more energy to initially produce.
  • Glass is not as efficiently recycled as plastic. The Glass Packaging Institute in the United States notes that recycling glass uses 66 percent of the energy it would take to manufacture new glass, on average. Plastic shows a much greater efficiency in using energy to recycle, only requiring 10 percent of the energy it takes to produce new plastic.
  • Glass is far heavier than plastic. That affects most aspects of an environmental assessment.Lighter products require fewer raw materials, which means they take less energy to make and usually produce a smaller carbon footprint. They take less energy to transport to the consumer, and it’s easier to dispose of them.
  • A 2008 comparison of glass and plastic baby food jars found that the glass jars produce between a quarter and a third more greenhouse gases than plastic jars. In fact, the plastic jars beat the glass in almost every category. They released fewer carcinogens into the air, sent fewer pollutants into waterways and required less acreage. A year later, an assessment of soft drink containers also found plastic superior to glass. The results were broadly similar to the baby food study, with glass producing approximately four times as much greenhouse gas as plastic.

The containers are intended to be recycled and we trust our customers will do so.


Since we do not use any harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients in our creams, oils etc, they will dissolve easily in the environment without harming nature.


All of our products have been certified by The Vegan Society except those containing bee derived ingredients.

“By purchasing products registered with the Vegan Trademark, you are investing in the future of a market which is free from animal products and free from animal testing, which in turn has the potential to save the lives of millions of animals around the world.”
George, The Vegan Society

Because of the amazing healing and nutritional qualities of the bee derived ingredients we use in some products, there are no satisfactory natural alternatives available.

We love all animals and ensure that all of the bee derived ingredients we use have been ethically harvested by Vegan bee-keepers.

“Beekeeping is a labour of love for me and many of my colleagues, including those who are not Vegan Beekeepers. I look forward to each spring, and I love my bee’s more than you could ever imagine. Because we love working with bees, we invest far more into them than common sense would suggest.

We provide them with a home, a defence from marauding wasps, and food when the year’s blooms don’t provide them with enough stores to survive. We provide treatment for the mites that kill them, and replace the queen when the old one dies, so the colony will survive

In autumn, we wrap the hives to keep them warm, and we store pollen to feed the bees when their stores drop low, so the next generation can be raised.

We collect swarms, who want nothing more than a home to settle into and the chance to succeed. We only remove excess honey and beeswax, and always leave plenty for them to live on, otherwise they could not produce honey for the following year.

I love beekeeping and more importantly I love my bees.”
Charles D, Vegan Beekeeper who supplies Mama Nature

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