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Capricorn (December 22 – January 19), You are a

Traditional green Witch

You can easily assert your magickal dominance in Nature.

You can tap into Nature’s power and are connected to the Spirit world.

You like regularity and consistency in your life.

You are focused on a singular goal and you cannot be distracted from it.

You like to dress yourself in black clothing and hate layering on clothes.

At home, your magickal items are organized – everything has its own place!

Please remember we are all fabulously unique and these are just broad traits that may not apply to everyone.

The Fun bit.

Study sigils scribbled on the inside of your notebooks, solitary meditative hikes, tea leaf readings, keeping a piece of apatite inside your bra, zombie tarot, rhabdomancy.

Possible Familiars; Chihuahua, Abyssinian Cat, Pygmy Goat

Magickal lotions & potions