Cancer (June 21 – July 22), You are a

Kitchen Witch

You like to work magick indoors with the use of supplies like food and remedies.

You are always brewing potions.

You also like home decor.

When you love someone, you stick with them for life.

You tend to wear dark and muted colors.

You communicate with animals pretty well.

Please remember we are all fabulously unique and these are just broad traits that may not apply to everyone.

The Fun bit.

Excessive jars full of every type of moon water imaginable, past life regression, tarot spreads, messy and warm kitchen/cottage witchcraft, handcrafted Appalachian cleansing brooms, collecting your onion cutting tears for use in spells, folk magick.

Possible Familiars; Lhasa Apsos, Himalayan Cat, Owl

Magickal lotions & potions