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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Would My Skin Be Better Using No Skincare Products At All?


❤️ Did You Know That Your Skin Can Regenerate, Cleanse, Moisturise And Even Exfoliate Itself?

❤️ Human skin has evolved to be able to independently maintain optimal hydration levels, which is not only essential for the health of your skin but it is also what makes it supple, radiant and beautiful.

❤️ So, if you are using poor quality skincare filled with synthetic ingredients (even though they contain the new ‘wonder’ ingredient), they may be STRIPPING your skin of it’s own hydrating and healing properties!

❤️ If you are in doubt, try not applying your usual skincare products for a week (plain water to wash your face also unless its grimy or your removing make-up!) and see if your skin is better or worse. You may just be surprised.

❤️ If your skin improves, we suggest you ditch your existing regime and look for natural skincare products that work in harmony with your skin and enhance it.

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