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Honey Jar Spell To Make Life Sweeter!


Create Your Own Spells – Honey Jar Spell To Make Your Life Sweeter!

Not Some Rigid Process!

We would like to clarify that spell work is not some sort of rigid scientific process that you need to follow the step-by-step instructions to. It’s perfectly fine to substitute and change ingredients to make it more fitting to your needs and/or because that’s all you have left in the cupboards 🙂

You also don’t need expensive equipment to cast spells. Many spells can be made with things lying around your kitchen. One of our favourite spells is the honey jar or any other type of sweetening spell. We find them slow to work but are very effective. Much of the slowest working spells are in fact the most effective.

Honey Jar Spell

Life can be sweet but how would you like it a little sweeter? That is how honey jars spells were born and they have become one of the most popular and well-known techniques in witchcraft.

The theory is simple enough and a great example of sympathetic and contagious magick: because the primary medium is used in a directed manner towards a specific person, the intention is that person will become sweeter, more kind, tenderloving, and harmonious.

What If I don’t Have Honey?

If you don’t have honey – don’t fret. Sugar, maple syrup, agave nectar etc. Anything that symbolises sweetness will do the trick. Sweeteners such as sugar with a high glycaemic index will work faster but will not last as long so please bear that in mind.

Words of caution – please use all spells wisely and only for what you deem to be the greater good 🙂

Why Use a Honey Jar Spell?

Honey Jars are created and worked with for a variety of reasons. Some people like to make a jar that represents themselves so that they will be kinder and more loving to all of the people in their lives.

Others choose to create a honey jar to celebrate a marriage or special anniversary and to bless a couple with years of love and tenderness.

In other cases, honey jars may be used in a more compelling manner – to make someone like you better, to encourage a judge or jury to find in your favour, or to persuade your students or clients to work with you and follow your lead.

Is This Spell Easy to Do?

Making honey jars is relatively easy; because of this they have become one of the more popular forms of magick –and because of the materials involved, you can get very creative (or stay simple) in the creation process.

Honey Jar Spell Step By Step

1. Cleanse the glass honey jar (any type glass jar will do) and your spell space by burning incense or sage. Hold the jar upside down to fill it with the smoke.

2. Place lavender or cinnamon inside the jar with a folded piece of paper with the person’s name written on it you want to sweeten. This could be your own name. Fold the piece of paper in half once. We recommend using ink when writing the person’s name as it is more permanent. Feel free to add in any other herbs you feel drawn to.

3. Pour honey or sugar or whatever else you have or feel will work best for you into the jar until all of the ingredients and paper are covered.

4. Place a lid on the jar and close it, then burn a pink candle (or whatever colour resonates with you). Thus imbuing the magick of fire into your work – and also providing you with a great focal point as you pray and charge up the jar. Say the following words as the candle burns:

          “Kindness grows inside your heart
          All our differences fall apart
         Sweetness shining like the sun
         Send good to all and harm no one.”

5. Next, seal the jar with the wax. This means that you drip wax all along the edges at the point where the lid meets the glass until the cover is completely sealed to the jar and is effectively airtight.

6. Lastly, take a few minutes to charge the jar. Put your hands around it and picture your ideal scenario. Send as much energy as you can gather from your hands into the jar.

7. If needed, burn the same candle (or another candle) and repeat the chant above, then recharge the jar. If the spell isn’t working, continue these steps once a week until it does. You can also leave the jar outside or on the window sill to charge in the moonlight if you want it to be extra powerful.

Get Creative!

You can also get creative and glam up a candle by dressing it with ground herbs, magical sachet powder and of course glitter. See, not only do you get to add more sweetness to your life but you also get in touch with your creative side. It’s a win win!

This spell is not a closed practice which means that anyone can perform it.

We will be publishing a blog in future about closed practices but if you can’t wait to find out then why not get on-line and dip your toe in some Witch’s water 🙂

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