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More Autumn Essentials for your Skincare Routine


More Autumn Essentials for your Skincare Routine

This article was kindly provided by Gwen Lewis who is a regular contributor to Mama Nature.

You wouldn’t keep your heavy winter coats in the front of your closet all year long would you? Then why would you use the same skincare products year-round without adjusting for the change in seasons?

Autumn is coming, and with it comes cooler temperatures, dryer heat, and heavy clothing. Let’s explore how the changing seasons, namely Autumn, can wreak havoc on your skin, and how you can stop if cold.

Why does skin change in the Autumn months?

Skin has a complicated relationship with colder months. During the summer, there is typically more humidity in the air, helping skin stay moisturized even when we sweat!  Cooler months come with cooler and drier air, and increased usage of indoor heaters, which further dries out our skin!  When skin gets dehydrated, it gets itchy or becomes sensitive and irritated.

Hydrate With Elastin, Collagen, or Aloe

People with sensitive skin often experience increased skin issues during changing seasons, as their skin tries to decide how to best protect itself.  One of the best thing you can do is hydrate and coat your skin with essential oils, serums, and creams. Nourish your skin with natural ingredients that promote elastin and collagen to aid in the recovery process. Coat your skin with cold-processed aloe and thicker creams as your skin builds and exfoliates.

Switch to a Thicker Moisturiser

Do some more hydrating by using a thicker moisturiser during colder months to help skin heal from the stress of the day, and protect it during the night. Just before bed is a great time for an extra layer of moisture, allowing it all the time it needs to sink in and repair your skin. Look for a moisturiser with essential and healthy vitamins and minerals that will both brighten your skin, and even out your skin tone.

Add an Eye Cream and Lip Moisturiser

Of all your body parts, your eyes and lips are the most sensitive and delicate, and are also exposed to the elements, affected by allergies and require hydration and vitamins to stay healthy. Because the skin around your eyes and lips is so thin, if not properly moisturised or cared for, you will develop lines and wrinkles. Try a new eye cream, or seek out a new lip moisturiser with healing properties for the colder autumn months.

Add Vitamin C To Your Regimen

Vitamin C is great for your skin any time of year, but it’s especially helpful during colder months as it both protects from harmful SPF rays, evens skin tone, and promotes the production of skin-healthy collagen. Try adding vitamin C-rich foods into your diet, or go all out on a new diet. Watch out for flu-like SIBO symptoms, which are a sign the toxins in your body are dying off and being expelled. They usually last a few days before leaving you feeling more energetic and healthy than before!

Check your skincare products ingredients

We wouldn’t put food in our bodies without knowing where it came from. Why would you smear a product on your skin, your first and best line of physical defence, without knowing what ingredients are used. Check your products for unhealthy or skin-drying chemicals, and ensure that the ingredients used are safe and ethically tested.

Our skin is the first thing people see when they meet us, and our first line of defence against everything from allergies to disease. Keep your skin healthy, happy and glowing this autumn with your new essential skincare routine and take your skincare routine to the next-level!

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