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Why Your Skin Needs Coconut Oil


Why Your Skin Needs Coconut Oil

Kindly contributed by Alicia Rennoll

Coconut oil has been hailed as a wonderfully healing miracle oil that nourishes and moisturises the skin. It’s use is now extremely popular to fix and alleviate almost all skin concerns, including dry skin, rashes, wounds, scarring, uneven complexion, and signs of ageing. And with the average woman in the UK spending more than ever before on her appearance, with an average spend of £33,615 in a lifetime on her face and skin, it’s important to find a natural product that works; and coconut oil may very well be just that. The organic properties and naturally occurring fatty acids in the oil make it a staple for multipurpose skin products, and there isundoubtedly a solution with coconut oil for any area of concern with your skin. The use of the oil is certainly a way to gain beautiful, radiant and glowing skin again.

Aid Skin Healing

The skin on your body can go through many ups and downs throughout life, and leave lasting marks to prove it. Coconut oil has been proven to speed up skin healing through the encouragement of collagen production and anti inflammatory abilities. Some studies have shown that wounds can be healed in up to 10 days with regular use of coconut oil. Meanwhile, stretch marks from pregnancy can be greatly reduced through consistent use of coconut oil and other naturally occurring, organic oils such as argan oil because of the great cell regenerating properties and ability to restore the skin’s appearance and integrity.

Deeply Cleanse The Face

It’s important to cleanse and thoroughly clean the face regularly. Our face is exposed daily to many unnatural elements like pollutants in the air, and toxins from makeup. These chemicals damage our skin enormously, resulting in brown spots, an uneven and dull complexion, enlarged pores, and dry skin. To combat these issues, cleansing with products that incorporate coconut oil is recommended. The oil cleanses gently by softening the keratin caps of the skin, and makes exfoliation much easier. The natural properties in the oil are able to dissolve the hardened toxins in the skin, and bring them to the surface of the skin to be washed off.

Prevent And Treat Aging Skin

Coconut oil has been proven to work remarkably well in the battle against ageing skin and wrinkles. Age related lines are caused by fat cells beneath the top layer of skin shrinking in size as we age. Along with this, the top level of the skin thins which results in wrinkles . The skin then loses the ability to repair itself as effectively as it could when it was younger. Coconut oil works with the skin as a natural promoter of collagen, which is essential in the repair and rejuvenation of cell production, and one of the key components of keeping the skin smooth and elastic. The oil is able to penetrate deep unto the skin and attract protein molecules, which then repairs the skin.  

Radiant skin is certainly achievable for all, regardless of specific skin concerns. Coconut oil is one of the best all natural and organic products you can use on your skin to achieve a radiant and beautiful complexion.

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