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Another Mama Nature Perioral Dermatitis Transformation

We’re in the process of building up a picture gallery showing the amazing transformations of our customers and invite you to submit your before and after photo’s. One before photo and one after photo would be enough.

If they are used on our website, you can select any product(s) up to the value of £100/$160.

Thank you Lauren H for getting the ball rolling. We are over the moon at the transformation in your Perioral Dermatitis after using our ProSkin Eczema🙂 No wonder it gets such great reviews!

                             Day 1                                                        Day 2                                                  Day 3

                         Day 4                                                         Day 5                                                       Day 6


I have been suffering for 10 months with perioral dermatitis and it was really painful and causing me a lot of discomfort. I started taking antibiotics but it still wasn’t giving me any comfort. I ordered the ProSkin Eczema after seeing a recommendation on a website. Within a day it started to improve and I decided to photograph it every day to map the improvement. 2 weeks on and it’s gone completely.” Lauren H






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