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Winter Skin Care Tips


Winter Skin Care Tips

December is the month for the Cold Moon, which is the full-moon that ushers in the season of winter. If you’re wondering why it’s called the Cold Moon, then you are likely living in a warm area of the country or globe. For those of us who have winter in December, the Cold Moon is an apt representation of the month and signals the very beginning of our coldest season. And winter, unfortunately, means that it’s time to hunker down and bundle up as we attempt to deal with the cooler dryer temps.

December also signals cold and flu season and the return of winter dry skin. You know the feeling of winter dry skin…it’s itchy and hurts. You might feel flaky, and your skin may crack and bleed. While warmer months are kind to our skin (mostly!), the cold is pretty brutal. So when that Cold Moon shines bright at night, use the lunar change as the visual prompt to infuse your beauty routine with amazing scents, colors and flavors.

In celebration of the Cold Moon and the return of winter, here are five yuletide greetings for happier winter skin:

Bath Oils

Try our amazing bath oils to soothe dry skin and find relaxation. Our Chill Time Naturally-Infused Bath Oil is perfect for winter–and, of course, has the perfect Cold Moon name! This oil is packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish and pamper the skin. Chill Time also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while restoring moisture balance. The amazing scents of sweet almond oil, organic rose hip oil and lavender oil will take your mind off the blustery winter weather.

Lift Your Spirit

The scent citrus may evoke a sense of energy and lift our spirits during the dreary winter. Try our Apricot & Green Mandarin body oil to embrace a citrus uplift and feel refreshed! You can also use it on your feet to invigorate those tired soles!

Rich Hand & Body Creams

If you are crazy for seasonal fragrances, grab scents that remind you of your childhood and happy memories. We love lavender or the warm smell of sweet almond oil. But the myrrh oil found in our Hand Angel intensive hand cream also embraces the season.

Good Enough to Eat…But Don’t

Never forget to pamper your lips in the winter. Like the rest of your body, your lips can become dry and cracked. And don’t lick them for moisture…licking your lips only makes dryness worse. Find a lip balm that moisturises and protects with SPF. And while you’re nurturing those lips, choose flavors that make you want to slather on the balm! DIY your own balm for a natural sweet treat!

Summer Bliss

If you’re missing summer and the warm longer days, incorporate your favourite summer scents into your beauty routine. Coconut oil smells like tropical paradise and it may help moisturise your skin.

The Cold Moon

The Cold Moon reminds us that winter is on the way…and that means dry skin, less sunlight and cold temps.  Perk up winter dry skin and those dreary days with beauty products that pamper winter skin with yummy scents, nourishing and protective natural ingredients, and a little extra moisture. Grab lotions, lip balms and bath oils that infuse your winter with amazing scents, colors and flavors as you count down the days until spring arrives again!

Contributed by Gwen Lewis


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