Every Woman Has an Inner Witch That Has Been Subdued and Hidden Away

“Being a witch means being aware of how very f*****g powerful you are. Being aware that you create yourself and the world you live, and you direct the forces of your life – for better or for worse. Being connected to that inner source of creativity, magic and intuition which flows naturally within all of us, but which to most is inaccessible because it’s buried so deep in the subconscious that it can’t be seen, felt or understood by the conscious mind.”

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Your Witchy Favourites

Embrace Your Inner Witch, Embrace Your Birth Right!

Who am i?

“I am the wind that sweeps through the trees.

  I am the trees that shed all their leaves.

  I am the leaves that fall to the ground.

  I am the ground with plants all around.

  I am the plants that were sent here to heal.

  I am the healer with the truth to reveal.”


Send us a poem and let us know who you are and have a chance of getting £50 worth of free stuff.

Plant a Tree in Mama Nature’s Enchanted Forest

For every product you buy we will plant a tree on your behalf in Mama Nature’s Enchanted Forest.

Hand crafted

Spell work is not some sort of rigid scientific process that you need to follow the step-by-step instructions of.

Freshly made to order

Recipes using ancient skincare remedies that have been used for centuries. Transformative products that are life changing.

Natural skincare

Do something witchy every day, even if it’s something as simple as saying a little prayer to the gods you’ve invented!

everyone is welcome!

Being a witch is easier than you might think. All you have to do is tap the inner witch within. Get in touch for help today!

An online world of magick & witchcraft

If you’re curious to learn more about modern witchhood, but don’t know where to start then why not get online? Through social media, the occult and hidden has been made accessible – learn about a world of womanly wisdom that can be so often ignored.”

All of you budding Witches out there would do well to get on Instagram in particular and connect with your fellow Insta Witches. Sharing your idiosyncratic stories and lifestyles can add to your spectrum of understanding of what it can feel like to be a woman and a witch. Wait a minute, are they both not one in the same thing? We think they are.

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